Jenny Leith, Co-ordinator of Sarau Festival

“For the past four Sarau Festivals Monique has been an important part of our volunteer management team despite living approximately an hour’s drive from our festival area. Monique has taken particular responsibility for advertising and publicity, and her enthusiasm and energy have enabled us all to move to new level of social media contacts and to advance the radio and paper media interaction.

It has been a joy to work with Monique as she brings an enthusiasm, wisdom and a sound knowledge of advertising to our festival team. She also has a good knowledge of technology, social media, and what works for younger customers. In addition to this Monique has been looking to develop our sponsorship opportunities, and we have no doubt she will manage to encourage sponsors to become involved with future Sarau Festivals.

On a personal level I find Monique delightful, and have always enjoyed my contact with her. Her outgoing personality, perception, ability to listen and sensitivity will I believe see her go a long way in her chosen career.”