Marcia Higgs, Owner of Sorted to Go Nelson

“I met with Monique Wijnen of Sales & Marketing Support for an hour coaching session which has proven to be invaluable.

In preparation for our first session Monique had me complete a Pre-Coaching check-in which consisted of 13 statements and open questions for me to answer and to explore my personal life, skills and experiences. This proved to be a valuable tool for both parties and let Monique know how to best tailor her coaching to support my needs before I arrived for the session.

Monique’s emails were comprehensive and detailed so I knew what to expect and felt immediately at ease at the beginning of our session. Through the Pre-Coaching check-in and well-designed questions Monique quickly pinpointed areas in my business for which she could help me improve my outcomes.

We acted out a role play which revealed to me that I was a push over when it came to holding my price when dealing with potential clients enquiring about my services.  Monique made me understand the value of my time and services and the value I was adding to my clients’ lives.  Most of the session was spent talking about this and I left knowing how to better package my services, time, and pricing. I felt empowered.

That very afternoon and the next day I had two new clients and boldly and without reservation told them my pricing and was able not to budge on it. Both clients were happy to accept the price and more than happy with the service given.

I want to thank Monique for giving me clarity and confidence and can highly recommend her services to others.”

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